House Rules

House Rules

Peace Blue Naiharn resort phuket will highly appreciate your cooperation in abiding by these rules and regulations, to ensure a peaceful and safe stay for all our Guests.

1. Nudity
Naturists are comfortable not wearing any clothes but for guests who are not yet ready there is a house coat in each room or a towel that you can wear. Naked is allowed and welcome everywhere inside the resort, except in the lobby area where you must be clothed.

2. Sex
No sexual activity is allowed anywhere except in your room. This includes intimate touching that you would not do in a public place outside the resort.

3. Photos
Taking photos or making video recordings is not allowed without permission. Please ask each time you want to take a selfie with your mobile phone.

4. Smoking
Smoking is not allowed in your room, however you may smoke outside your room and where it does not bother other guests.

5. Visitors
Your friends are welcome to visit you while staying at the resort. Make sure they accept our naturist concept before they arrive. Short time sex workers are not permitted.

6. Speak up
We want all our guests to have a pleasant time while staying at our resort. If you feel someone is rude, staring at you, taking your picture or in any other way making you feel uncomfortable, please speak up and let our staff know.

7. Siting on clothes or towels
Wherever you are seated in the resort, you must sit on towels or clothes in for personal hygiene.

8. Only a person registered at the reception may use the accommodation facilities at the resort.

9. Visitors are not allowed in rooms. Please use the lobby lounge or the restaurant for socializing and meetings.

10. For a longer stay, the resort account is to be paid every 7 days, while shorter stay accounts are covered at check-out. Accounts are payable in cash or by credit card.

11. Easily flammable and explosive substances and materials, as well as objects with unpleasant odor, are not allowed on resort premises.

12. If your valuables, jewelry and documents are not kept in the available en suite safety deposit box, the resort does not assume any responsibility for their possible disappearance.

13. Please make sure you close the resort room when leaving. The door card does not have to be handed in at the reception. Please return the door card at check out.

14. In cases of door card loss please inform the reception staff of the incident. A fee may be applied.

15. Please make sure you do not forget anything at check out. Forgotten items are sent to the guests' address only at their request and expense.

16. Please vacate the room prior to 12:00 hours on the check out date. Staying in the room after 12:00 hours causes additional charge for stay.

17. Please inform the reception staff of a possible later check out before 10:00 hours on the check out date.

18. Please do not disturb other resort guests by loud noises in resort rooms, hallways and public areas especially from 22:00 to 8:00 hours.

19. Please promptly report any malfunction or fault to the reception staff.

20. Please take care of the resort inventory and other equipment. All intentional damages occurring during your stay shall be charged on your account.

21. Please make sure you do not leave the water running in the bathroom when you leave the room.

22. Pets are not allowed in resort.

23. Please make sure you personally sign all the resort services bills.

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